Build customized mobile solution using Pendragon Forms Unviersal and distribute to smartphones, handhelds and tablets. Forms Universal supports Android, iOS and any HTML5 compatible devices – even desktops operating systems.

Build your own mobile data collection solution even if you aren’t a developer. A simple form can be created in just a few minutes. See for yourself by downloading our trial or scheduling a walk through with one of our account representatives.

Urgent Notification for Forms VI and Universal Customers on iOS

Release of Forms Universal 7.2: Now with the Forms Universal 7.2 for Android, explore some of these features:

  • Photo Capture
  • Barcode capture events, e.g. with Honeywell 70E
  • SocketMobile barcode capture
  • RFID (UHF) capture with MTI MINI ME™
  • Environment readings with the Sensordrone
  • Printing, e.g. with Zebra MZ 220

Build your own mobile forms solution even if you aren’t a database expert. A simple form can be created in just a few minutes. See for yourself…

Designer Features Include:

  • An easy-to-use Form Designer makes it simple to build custom electronic forms.
  • 21 Field Types help the handheld user to improve the accuracy and speed of data entry. See field type.
  • Scripting allows advanced Pendragon Forms users to perform calculations, control validation of data entered, and control navigation from field to field.
  • Database Synchronization lets you synchronize your data into Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle or other SQL Server databases.
  • Compatibility with bar code readers, GPS devices and handheld cameras help you collect data from the outside world and bring it back for analysis.
  • And much more…
  • From Custom Main Menus, subforms, and much more. You can also check out the complete Pendragon Forms Universal Reference Guide.

Pendragon Forms Universal can be implemented in a wide array of business cases and in both large and niche industries. Here are some that we frequently see.

Common Applications:

  • Business Processing
  • Process Tracking
  • Quality Control
  • Consumer Surveys/li>
  • Field Surveys
  • Order Forms
  • Inventory Management
  • Medical Tracking
  • Process Tracking
  • Work Orders

Common Industry Implementations:

  • Construction & Real Estate Management
  • Environmental Studies
  • Education & Scientific Research
  • Field Sales and Service
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • International Aid & Relief Work
  • Manufacturing & Inventory Management
  • Medical Education
  • Public Safety

Mobile Device

Android 2.0+
Other mobile and desktop devices with browsers that are HTML5 compliant and support WebSQL, e.g. Blackberry (select), Windows, Mac, Linux

Forms Manager and Designer

*Optionally, with a hosted plan you can also access the server via Mac or Linux

Desktop Designer OS: 
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Desktop Database: 
Microsoft Access 2000+ free runtime or full version (full version recommended)

Hosting Details and Pricing

For customers that want to synchronize with devices over remote connections but are unable to set-up the Pendragon server environment, the Pendragon Universal Hosting service provides an effective solution. Hosting is an easy method for organizations to get started quickly.


  • Quick set-up
  • No desktop software installation or set-up
  • Synchronize devices remotely from anywhere that has a network connection
  • Multiple administrators can design and manage the Forms account at the same time
  • No IT costs in managing the server


  • Database mapping is not an option in the Pendragon Hosting service


Up to 3
Up to 5
Up to 10
Up to 20
Up to 50
Over 50

Universal Edition Products

All products are delivered via electronic download.

Starter Kit

The Forms Universal Starter Kit comes with the Forms Manager and Form Designer, a single connection SyncServer and one mobile user license. It is required for implementations of Pendragon Forms Universal.

Starter Kit License


User Licenses

The Forms Universal User Licenses will allow you to collect and synchronize data on handheld devices.


client pack

client pack

client pack

client pack

client pack

Consulting Services

Installation Assistance
Up to 2 hours of remote assistance with the Installation and set-up of the Pendragon Universal or Pendragon Industrial editions.$199.00

Quick Start for Pendragon Universal and Industrial Editions
Up to 4 hours of remote training and assistance with the initial form designs and settings in the Pendragon Universal or Pendragon Industrial editions (3 month limit on usage).