Pendragon Software is a leading developer of mobile software for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Our flagship product line, Pendragon Forms, is a popular mobile data collection system in use by thousands of organizations worldwide.

What is Pendragon Forms?

Pendragon Forms is a rapid mobile application development platform for data-centric solutions. It can run independently and sync to a MySQL server database, MS Access, or map to an existing database.


GPS capture

Offline caching

Image capture

Barcode scan


Database mapping



And much more

How does it work?

To get started, open the Pendragon Forms Manager and click “New” to add a new form.

Why Pendragon Forms?

1  Pendragon Forms works offline
2  Purchase and hosting options are affordable
3  Robust and reliable mobile data collection
4  It’s easy to build your form or solution
5  It’s scalable and offers hundreds of features
6  You can map and sync to an existing database
7  Bi-directional syncing configurable
8  Advanced development with scripting
9  Manage group and user settings
10  Trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide

Who uses Pendragon Forms?

Our clients range from small organizations with a handful of users to larger ones with thousands of users.

Small organizations

Large organizations
with multiple groups

Outside participants
(e.g. EMA surveys)

Do I need to be a developer? Anyone can use Pendragon Forms—You don’t need to be a developer!

How do I implement it?

Pendragon can be installed or hosted. Licenses for Forms Universal Edition and Forms Industrial Edition require a Starter Kit plus user licenses. Forms Enterprise Edition is sold based on users.


~ or ~

Cloud Hosted

Customize your mobile data solution





Work Orders

Asset Mgmt.

Shipping & Delivery


Start with an industry solution template or build yours from scratch in our rapid development product. Design simple forms in minutes or build out comprehensive solutions with our advanced capabilities.

Compare editions

Target Audience
Starting Price
Mobile Compatibility

Forms Universal


Most customers—those seeking slick solutions on the latest devices
$299 installed
$69/month hosted

Forms Industrial


Industrial or remote settings with 5K or more records per device
$499 installed
$69/month hosted

Forms Enterprise Edition


Industrial or remote settings with multiple designers and 50+ users
$2,999 installed
$299/month hosted


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